Getting Involved


Coming to Worship

The first step of discipleship at Lakeside is coming to worship. Our worship centers around series and themes  that typically span a few weeks. You can expect a friendly church and a powerful worship experience. 

First Steps Class


Every few months we offer a First Steps class that introduces Lakeside to new members, perspective members  or people interested in getting more involved. The class begins at 10 am between our two services on Sunday in the Sanctuary. It is taught by pastor Andrew and focuses on Lakeside, Methodism and finding your place in the community. 

Sunday School Classes


We have a number of adult Sunday school classes that run between services at 10 am on Sundays. They run parallel to our children’s and youth Sunday School, so it is a great time for each member of the family to grow in their relationship of God at the level they are. The classes meet at various locations around the church.

Bible Study


Bible study and accountability are critical to discipleship at Lakeside. We have a women’s Bible Study that meets on at 6 pm every other Tuesday.  Our men’s Bible study that meets at 6 am every week for breakfast on Friday. On Wednesday every other week, we have a Bible study for both men and women led by Pastor Andrew that is part of  our mid-week ministries. 

Joining the Church

Joining the church essentially means vowing to partner with the church in its ministries and its work for the Kingdom of God. We ask all who join to take a vow to commit their “prayers, presence (participation), gifts, service and witness.”
If you are interested in joining talk with Pastor Andrew before the service or come up at the end of the service when he calls for those interested in joining to come forward. It is not necessary to join in front of the worshiping congregation if that is not something you want to do. If you would rather join more privately, simply speak to Pastor Andrew.