Hiring New Position: Church Administrator

Lakeside is hiring a new church administrator. We are really excited about expanding our staff and our ministry potential with this job. Please take a look at the job description. Information on where to send resumes are below. 





  • Employed and discharged by the Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) after consultation with the Senior Pastor.
  • Directly responsible to the Senior Pastor, who supervises this staff position.
  • Annual staff review is conducted by the Senior Pastor, who reports it to the SPRC.
  • Direct access is available at all times to the SPRC upon the notice to the Senior Pastor of the desire for a meeting with the SPRC according to the local church’s personnel policies.
  • Financial compensation is negotiable with reference to professional experience, personal qualifications, personal requirements and Annual Conference standards.
  • Vacation is established in accordance with Lakeside’s personnel policies related to years of recognized professional service.
  • Continuing education program is to be established annually in accordance with the local church’s personnel policies with approval by the Senior Pastor and the SPRC. The compensation package will include an amount for continuing education.
  • Typical work week in the office is Monday-Friday 9am-2pm (5 hours/day) with approximately 5 hours that can be done remotely. Additional hours may be requested by SPRC or Pastor based on church needs.

Administrative Duties

Resource Person for Administrative Groups 

  • Plan, coordinate, and help implement the work of the following administrative groups and their lay (or other staff) leaders as staff resource person attending scheduled meetings; assisting in the agenda preparation, budget planning/management, long-range planning, communications, and leadership recruitment:
    • Trustees
    • Charge/Church Conference
    • Church Council
    • Church Staff

Staff Supervision

  • Primary staff supervision will be provided for the following staff position(s):
    1. Custodian and Contractual staff
    2. Office volunteers
    3. Development and publication of reports, including: Charge Conference and Year End Reports as needed


  • Attends the Trustees Committee Meetings assisting chair with preparation of agenda and other tasks relating to planning the meeting; shares information between staff and trustees as needed.
  • Facility contact person for general maintenance of facilities
  • Facilitates completion of repairs and maintenance as reported by staff and members
  • Procures bids of church equipment as needed and requested by the Trustees Committee or other staff (for example, air-conditioning equipment, computer equipment).
  • Ensures maintenance of door locks, adequate keys, key check out procedure.
  • Oversees maintenance of supplies: paper and cleaning products, light bulbs, products used by church & future day school/preschool in the daily operations related to the building.
  • Confers with preschool director regarding the Trustees Committees meetings; calendaring and building use; requests for purchases or work request.
  • Facility use – maintains contracts related to use of the building, for example, Weight Watchers, Score, Mobile Loaves and Fishes or other outside groups requesting to rent rooms or areas of the facility.
  • Keeps Trustees informed of repairs and their costs and acquires written approval when appropriate
  • Maintains church records and documents relating to facilities.
  • Facilitate the review of insurance coverage and assist in developing recommended changes to the Trustees. If any insurance claims should occur, follow the correct procedure to adequately settle the claim fairly and promptly.

Membership Database

  • Maintains database upgrades from CCB (Christian Community Builder) as they are received; calls or assists others in calling CCB tech support when necessary.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of the CCB Membership and Attendance Database
  • Oversee/assist the volunteer who enters attendance records into the database. If needed enter attendance. Enter all attendance profiles for new visitors to insure timely follow up letters.
  • Set up and run reports from CCB, which relate to Membership, Attendance, Committees, newsletter or others upon request.
  • Work weekly to ensure the official membership records and the CCB database are accurate. Complete and submit monthly reports to the Central North District Office.

Volunteer Coordination And Weekly Worship Preparation

  • Primary responsibility for preparation of church building and worship space for Sunday morning
  • Work volunteers to print and prepare bulletin for Sunday.
  • Responsible for preparation of weekly volunteer plan.
  • Responsible for preparation of welcome center and hospitality resources.
  • Coordinate volunteer scheduling and communication in conjunction with staff.
  • Work with Senior pastor to facilitate guest follow-up and congregational discipleship goals, including preparation of weekly guest and discipleship report.


  • Coordinate and implement (including copy editing), in conjunction with the Staff and Senior Pastor church, Lakeside’s communication plan including:
    • Social Media updates
    • E-newletter weekly
    • Church E-mail
    • Church Website updates
    • Sunday Material (including bulletin)
    • Church Materials 
    • Church graphics and evangelism materials
  • Responsible for the weekly announcements for the Sunday bulletin, works closely with the Director of Music and Pastors.

Other Duties

  • First contact for visitors and members as receptionist and answering the telephone.
  • Maintains oversight of the Church Calendar.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Maintains office supplies and is primary contact for office equipment repair and contracts.

Software knowledge

  • This position requires existing proficiency or ability to be trained in the following software:
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • WordPress Content Management System
    • Adobe Photoshop / GNU Image Manipulation Program
    • Quickbooks (Basic Knowledge)
    • Church Community Builder
    • Planning Center Online
    • Google Gsuite (basic knowledge)
Please send resumes to: