Lakeside Youth Update

Lakeside Youth Update

Hello Friends,

It is my hope and prayer that everyone has settled in, at least somewhat, to this new normal we are currently PART OF. I emphasize part of, because in the midst of the anxiety, grief and chaos – there is beauty in the fact that somehow the majority of the world can band together to fight for each other’s well being by undertaking uniform measures to preserve the health of those in our population that are most vulnerable. God is rejoicing in our resolve to love our neighbor. So, when you’re in the depths – remember that the one who created it all is smiling on YOU, yes, YOU.

On to business – I’ve been a bit quiet and for that I apologize. It takes me a bit to process situations like this and I feel better about acting once I’ve gathered enough information to press forward with confidence.

BREAK-THRU: Unfortunately, this has been cancelled by the event organizers. I can’t express how much sadness that fact has brought me, this year would have been the biggest group I’ve brought to Break Thru since becoming the youth director. For those of you that signed up and paid, you will be refunded. As soon as I can figure out how to do that safely and efficiently I will be in touch.

SUMMER TRIPS: As of now, UMARMY and Big House have NOT been cancelled. I am however going to wait to accept your payments for these until we know more. Big House has already sent correspondence indicating there will be no late fees for registration this year. So, the action item here is – keep these events on your calendar if you were planning on attending. There may be hope yet!

GROUP “MEETINGS”: It is my hope that we will be able to keep up our community via ZOOM as we wait to safely gather face to face. There are some logistics that I have to shore up, since we’re using a Lakeside community account, but I hope our first meeting will be THIS SUNDAY evening. More details to come on that.

WEEKLY DEVOTIONAL: I have made a Lakeside Youth YouTube channel in which I will be uploading a weekly devotional that can be viewed at any time. I will upload it each Wednesday evening. I also want that channel to serve as a creative outlet for the youth. I would love for them to send me videos of themselves – creating art, singing a song, being goofy, reading scripture. It doesn’t necessarily have to be church related. Just something to encourage the other members of this little community we’ve formed. I will send out the link to view the channel in a few days.

The best place to go for Youth info will be our website and/or Linktree, both of those should be clickable links that you can bookmark in your browser. I will post information (like this email) in a blog format so you can easily go back and refer to it without having to dig through your email for information.

The hardest part in all of this, for me, is by far being separated from our church community. Hopefully these new little things will help that.

Peace and Blessings,