Welcome to Our Lakeside Online Guide

These days you can participate in the life of the church from your home. We broadcast our Sunday services on Facebook and Youtube. Our grow groups use Zoom to meet, and our website always has up-to-date information on what is going on at the church. This guide makes it easy to get to know Lakeside through all of our online ministries by connecting you to the websites, apps, and platforms Lakeside is using to fulfill our mission of welcoming all neighbors home to grow in faith and serve Christ. 
We broadcast our service live on Facebook live at 10:30. We upload it to our youtube pages by 12:00 pm.  The steps below will help you connect and stay current with our online ministries. 

Step One | Subscribe to Our Newsletter

Regardless of what online applications you use, our weekly e-newsletter contains up-to-date information about what is happening at the church that week. It is  the “one stop shop” for accurate information on the week to come at Lakeside. To Subscribe, simply enter your information below. Naturally we never sell or share your information. You have the power to unsubscribe at anytime. 


Step Two | Connect on Facebook 


Like and Follow Our Facebook Page 

Our Facebook Page is the first place that much of our newest content is streamed and uploaded. Every week we post several daily devotions, Bible study, a Sacred Spaces piano music hour, classes for children’s choir, and of course, our weekly worship. Please “Like” our Facebook Page below. 

Join our Facebook Groups

Much of the church activity and online gathering happens in two Facebook Groups – The Lakeside and our Prayer Ministry Page. The Lakeside hosts most of the church conversation. The Lakeside also contains discussion of upcoming events like Zoom Game Nights that we do not put on our public page.
Our Prayer Page is also a great way to be with one another in prayer. This Group contains the most up-to-date prayer needs of the congregation. Both of these groups require approval to join in order to reduce spam. Approval is typically very quick. 


Step Three | Subscribe to Our Youtube Pages

Particularly if you do not use Facebook, we post much of our online content on Youtube. It is a great way to watch the latest Sunday Worship Services, Daily Devotionals, Bible Studies and more. 


Step Four | Get involved in Ministries for All Ages

Most of our small groups use Zoom to meet online. We don’t publish that information, as not all the groups are public and we need  to protect against spam. Therefore, we typically require a password to get in. If you are interested in finding out what Grow Groups and Ministries for Youth and Children we offer, take a look at the links below. Then contact the church to get information on how to join these ministries.