March 2020

Wilderness | Part 2 | Why?

We all enter difficult periods of our lives. These wilderness experiences take us out of our normal existence and force us to change. How might these experiences be part of our spiritual growth?    Madison went worth focuses this week on how to get through the difficult times of a wilderness. 

July 2019

Freedom Found Here | Trust

Madison Wentworth closed-out her exploration of Paul’s letter to the Galatians (6: 1-6) by encouraging us to place our full trust and faithfulness in God to further His kingdom on earth.

June 2019

Freedom Found Here | Unbound

Madison Wentworth provided our weekly message, entitled “Unbound”, based upon scripture from Paul’s letter (or epistle) to the Galatians. Grace, salvation, and freedom can be found through Christ.

May 2019

Mother’s Day 2019 | The Kissing Hand

Our Youth Director, Madison Wentworth, stepped-in when our Senior Pastor fell ill on Sunday morning to deliver this poignant message of grace, compassion, and love for a very special Mother’s Day message that won’t soon be forgotten.  

April 2019

The Final Words from The Cross | Into Your Hands

Madison Wentworth shared her thoughts this past Sunday for the fifth installment of our “The Final Words from The Cross” worship series. Commitment and intentionality are important refrains from Luke 23: 43-47 and Psalm 31. 

July 2018

Moses | Ten Commandments

Madison Wentworth provided our Sunday message by discussing God’s delivery of the Ten Commandments to Moses as described in the Book of Exodus (20: 1-17). When we choose to be led by God, we are making the choice to act on His behalf and be a part of His kingdom of priests – actively showing […]

December 2017

I Open at the Close

Madison Wentworth presents her sermon entitled “I Open at the Close” based upon scripture found in Luke 2:22-40. And, yes, Potterheads, this might be a bit magical! 

October 2017

Yes… and No

“Yes… and No” Sometimes — in our over-committed lives — we have to prioritize our obligations and say, “No” to certain things in order to say, “Yes!” to God and family. If we put God first, everything else falls into place.

March 2017

I believe in the Holy Spirit