July 2018

Moses | Don’t Forget

As we celebrated and reflected upon the 10th anniversary of Lakeside UMC, Pastor Andrew concluded our Moses worship series with a sermon entitled, “Don’t Forget”.  And we look forward to how much love, purpose, power and presence will continue to be poured into our church home in the years to come. 

Moses | Wilderness

We continued our “Moses” worship series as Rev. Andrew Payne delved deeper into the spiritual power of our “in between” wilderness times.  

Moses | Ten Commandments

Madison Wentworth provided our Sunday message by discussing God’s delivery of the Ten Commandments to Moses as described in the Book of Exodus (20: 1-17). When we choose to be led by God, we are making the choice to act on His behalf and be a part of His kingdom of priests – actively showing […]

Moses | The Exodus

Moses | I Am Who I Am

For the second week of our “Moses” worship series, Pastor Andrew provided historical and spiritual perspective on the story of Moses and the Burning Bush and introduced many to the strength and determination of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune who founded a school with only $1.50 and grew it into a four-year college that bears her […]

June 2018

Moses | The Birth of Moses

In the first installment of our “Moses” worship series, Pastor Andrew reflected on the days of Moses’ birth and three small acts of compassion that shifted a dark story to one of bright light and hope for all mankind.