February 2018

New Beginnings | The Battle Belongs to the Lord

We closed-out our worship emphasis on New Beginnings this past Sunday with a call to surrender to the love of God that is all around us. 

New Beginnings | Living Forgiven

Many of us feel like we are “on the outside looking in”. This week our message was “Living Forgiven” and belonging to Christ.  

January 2018

New Beginnings | Redeeming Regret

We are in the middle of our worship series focusing on New Beginnings, but how are we to begin again when we feel the weight of past regrets? This past Sunday, Rev. Andrew Payne delivered his message entitled “Redeeming Regret” to demonstrate how the gospel can transform our regrets. Far from holding us back, regrets can – when offered to Christ – help us in our own, […]

New Beginnings | That Still, Small Voice

Our Youth Director, Brian Harding, stood in for Rev. Andrew Payne this past Sunday with a heartfelt message about discernment and listening for God’s call in our daily lives. “That Still, Small Voice” is the second message from our New Beginnings worship series.

New Beginnings | New Beginnings

Last week, we spoke about the importance of patience and purpose for the slow, consistent change that often marks the Christian life. This week we will begin a new series called New Beginnings that’s centered on God’s call on us towards new things. God has not finished us and we are always a work-in-progress. What […]