April 2018

Welcome Home. | Serve.

We closed-out our “Welcome Home.” worship series by focusing on our mission mandate to Serve. Serving others is not always about mission trips or projects. Rather, it is a way you approach the world and how you live with Christ at the very center.

Welcome Home. | Grow.

Pastor Andrew continued our “Welcome Home.” worship series with a message entitled “Grow.” and encouraged us to experience spiritual growth in three key areas: Purpose, Priorities and Power.

Welcome Home. | Welcome

As we began our new “Welcome Home.” worship series, Lakeside UMC Lay Leader, Jonathan Low, started by revealing the Vibrant Church Initiative (VCI) Vision Team’s Mission Mandate for Lakeside as we support The Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20) by welcoming all neighbors home to grow and serve Jesus Christ. Pastor Andrew provided further clarity for our church’s path […]

Easter Sunday | Unbelievable

Pastor Andrew’s Easter message “Unbelievable” questioned if we’ve, “become so ‘rational’, so ‘quantitative’ that we can no longer believe that the Holy Spirit might be up to something good?” The hope is that you will open yourself up and ‘roll away the stone’ that is keeping God and God’s purposes from surrounding you and dancing […]

March 2018

Lent: Restored | Message in the Mess

Pastor Andrew concluded the Restored worship series with this moving message on Palm Sunday.

Lent: Restored | No Messing Around

Using the story depicted in John 3:1-21, Rev. Andrew Payne spoke about the foundation of our lives — how we expect to come to know God and to live the life He has called us to.  

Lent: Restored | Bless This Mess

Sin impacts many parts of our lives as it touches many places. But for us to find salvation in our sin, we must confess and state our dependence on Christ in order to repent and accept Christ’s Lordship in our life.  

February 2018

Lent: Restored | Who Left This Mess?

Our sins create a mess that we all live in. We can still be “high functioning”, but the mess sin creates remains. Nevertheless, God seeks us out, calls us, and prepares us for his presence in our life. Until we come to know this unconditional love of God we cannot deal with our sin.  

Lent: Restored | This is a Real Mess

This week we began a new worship series entitled “Restored” based upon the book Restored: Finding Redemption in our Mess by Rev. Tom Berlin. I doubt I need to convince you how messy life can be. We all know this as we live in the constant chaos of modern life. Our focus during in this series, however, […]

Lent: Ash Wednesday | Unbound

We formally began the Lenten season with a special Ash Wednesday worship service as Brian Harding delivered a message entitled, “Unbound”.