December 2017

Christmas | Strange Things

(Music) Come Thou Fount

Advent | The Gift of Joy

Joy is something that comes from within and our relationship to God and our true selves. As the liturgy suggests, Joy can be found even in difficult and trying times — because it comes from God.

Advent | The Gift of Love, Making A Difference

Brian Harding addresses the congregation on the second Sunday of Advent to discuss how our words and actions (big or small) can make meaningful differences in the lives of others – and even within ourselves. There *is* joy to be found in the service of others. Are you reflecting the love and light of Jesus […]

Advent | The Gift of Hope

My “Advent Hope” is to know the reign of Christ in my often broken, exhausted, and exhausting life. Not only in what will be, but as it is now — in my actual life. It is knowing the Christ that is, that reveals the Christ to come.

November 2017

(Music) Draw Near

Awake | Why Not Both? Be Prepared

This week in worship we will continue the “Awake” series by looking at our lives “in between” the world we see and the Kingdom of God. We will ask ourselves where Jesus is calling us. And if you find yourself “in between,” it might be exactly where you need to be.

Awake | You Snooze, You Lose

To be the church God wants for us, we must be faithful with hearts willing to serve Him. He will then supply everything else we need.

First Fruits | Alive in Christ

To live our lives in Christ’s footsteps means we need to be willing to walk where few are increasingly willing to go – even loving our enemies and those that wish us harm. We will never taste the perfect Kingdom of God with a divided heart that is filled with hate.

First Fruits | The Why

This Sunday marks our third sermon in the First Fruits series as we explore answering the call of “The Why” with supporting scripture from 2 Corinthians 9: 6-12.