November 2017

Awake | You Snooze, You Lose

To be the church God wants for us, we must be faithful with hearts willing to serve Him. He will then supply everything else we need.

First Fruits | Alive in Christ

To live our lives in Christ’s footsteps means we need to be willing to walk where few are increasingly willing to go – even loving our enemies and those that wish us harm. We will never taste the perfect Kingdom of God with a divided heart that is filled with hate.

First Fruits | The Why

This Sunday marks our third sermon in the First Fruits series as we explore answering the call of “The Why” with supporting scripture from 2 Corinthians 9: 6-12.

October 2017

First Fruits | Provisioned

We worship a God who expressly came to set captives free and wipe the debts of our past sins. He gives us all we need. Turning the tide in debt takes both practical financial discipline and spiritual strength to go “against the current” and put God first. This week we will examine debt from the spiritual perspective […]

First Fruits | Silver & Gold

This week we started a new sermon series called “First Fruits” and this message centers on how we can overcome cultural idols by putting God first in our living.

Against the Current | Gratitude Adjustment

As we wrap-up our “Against the Current” series with this “Gratitude Adjustment” message, we will come full-circle by delving back into how Christ gave us all the tools necessary to live a truly fulfilled life with joy. I believe gratitude is the basis of our relationship with God and true gratitude transforms us and makes […]

Yes… and No

“Yes… and No” Sometimes — in our over-committed lives — we have to prioritize our obligations and say, “No” to certain things in order to say, “Yes!” to God and family. If we put God first, everything else falls into place.

It Really Is All About You…

This week at Lakeside we will address finding self-worth and gratitude in a culture awash in pervasive comparison and entitlement. Join us as we look at how Christ calls us and our families to a deeper life of gratitude.  

September 2017

But I Need It…

Matthew 7:13-20

Emotional Rollercoaster