June 2019

VBS 2019 | To Mars and Beyond

We concluded an “out of this world” VBS this week and Aubrey Low helped Pastor Andrew start his weekly message by reciting our “vector verse” (Ephesians 3:20) from our mission “To Mars and Beyond”!

Father’s Day 2019 | Spirit of Truth

We were blessed to witness the Holy Baptism of Selina Cooper-Waite after welcoming home our U.M. ARMY from a meaningful week of building disciples in Madisonville, TX. Pastor Andrew then continued his discussion of the Holy Spirit in his Father’s Day message, “Spirit of Truth”.    

Pentecost Sunday | Holy Spirit

We join Pastor Andrew just as he’s begun his look into celebrating Pentecost and experiencing the “Holy Spirit” on this milestone Sunday in the Christian world.  

Witness | Forgive

Based upon scripture found in Acts 9: 3-19, Pastor Andrew concluded our “Witness” worship series with his sermon entitled, “Forgive”. 

May 2019

Witness | Celebrate

We officially welcomed Heath Vercher as our new Worship Director and honored 9 high school graduates. We pray for continued blessings in their future endeavors. With God in their lives, may they always feel His peace, grace, and love wherever they may go. Pastor Andrew continued our “Witness” worship series with his “Celebrate” message. 

Witness | The Long View

Pastor Andrew brought us the story of the walk to Emmaus in his sermon, “The Long View”, as we picked back up on our “Witness” worship series. When the world feels like it’s shrinking, your relationship with Christ and others that walk with him can expand your horizon.

Mother’s Day 2019 | The Kissing Hand

Our Youth Director, Madison Wentworth, stepped-in when our Senior Pastor fell ill on Sunday morning to deliver this poignant message of grace, compassion, and love for a very special Mother’s Day message that won’t soon be forgotten.  

Witness | Expect

Pastor Andrew continued our Witness series with his “Expect” message on Confirmation Sunday.                                                  

April 2019

Witness | Surrender

Pastor Andrew guided us into our new “Witness” worship series where we will discuss several stories of the Resurrection as told by the Apostles. We started with a sermon entitled “Surrender” that examined the skepticism of the “doubting” apostle, Thomas, and how it can be possible to move from a place of fear to a […]

Easter Sunday 2019 | I Have Seen the Lord

After a prayer for the victims of the Sri Lanka bombings, Pastor Andrew conducted our Easter services entitled, “I Have Seen the Lord”.