November 2018

I Have Decided | Sanctified

In our latest installment of the “I Have Decided” worship series, Rev. Andrew Payne shared his message entitled “Sanctified” followed by a Mission Moment with Sara Walsh offering thanks for the overwhelming congregational support of our Lakeside Little Learners Thanksgiving Feast and concluded with an update from Monti Keep on our Kids Hope USA service […]

I Have Decided | Saved

We began the third installment of our “I Have Decided” series with a reading of Romans 3:21-26 by Cole Smith followed by a message entitled “Saved” by Rev. Andrew Payne.

I Have Decided | Sought

Jan Ireton began our worship with a reading from the Book of Genesis and Rev. Andrew Payne delivered his sermon entitled “Sought” as the second installment of the “I Have Decided” worship series. Katie Fulcher and her fiance, Joshua Rodriguez, then performed “Draw Near” during the Offertory before Megan Waldrop delivered an honest depiction of […]

October 2018

I Have Decided | I Have Decided

We began our new “I Have Decided” worship series with a scripture reading from the Gospel of Matthew 16:21-28 by Jonathan Low before Rev. Andrew Payne provided a heartfelt message recounting his own spiritual journey.

Love & Money | Rich in God

We celebrated Commitment Sunday with a passionate conversation from Pastor Andrew about his and our collective journeys within Christian churches that have led us and our families to call Lakeside our spiritual home. Every journey is unique. Yet each has welcomed us home to grow our faith and serve Jesus Christ. 

Love & Money | Truth and Fantasy

Pastor Andrew introduced us to Brett Hagler and his New Story team as they work to combat global homelessness. They’re dreaming big. They’re dreaming audaciously.  What is God calling us to do? Perhaps we should dream as God is dreaming.  We concluded with Tim Stahl sharing during our Mission Moment with a summary of the […]

Love & Money | Real Trust

Real trust comes from real commitment. God has committed to you. He has given freely what you need for life.

September 2018

Love & Money | Being on the Same Page

Love & Money | Serve the Master

Money can serve a deeply spiritual life — as long as it is the servant and not the master. Trust your heart to a good master, a good father. 

Love & Money | Two Becoming One

This past Sunday, Pastor Andrew started our new six-part “Love & Money” worship series.