September 2018

Fear Not | The Fear of Death

Pastor Andrew closed-out the Fear Not worship series with a compelling conversation about “The Fear of Death”.

Fear Not | The Fear of Missing Out

Are you #TeamFOMO or#TeamJOMO?

August 2018

Fear Not | The Fear of Success

In continuation of our “Fear Not” worship series and as we reflected upon the anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, Rev. Andrew Payne challenged us to be a church that lives within God’s successes and never be afraid to “walk on water”.  

Fear Not | Letting Go

This past Sunday we offered our special Back to School Blessing followed by a poignant sermon from Rev. Andrew that focused on the often difficult task of “Letting Go” by introducing the metaphor of the “Bow and Arrow”: We draw our children near and close to our heart just before letting them go to grow and […]

Fear Not | Fear, Failure, & Freedom

Fear Not | Facing Fears

Pastor Andrew began a new worship series entitled “Fear Not” this past Sunday which will explore how we can live a life not defined by needless fear.  

July 2018

Moses | Don’t Forget

As we celebrated and reflected upon the 10th anniversary of Lakeside UMC, Pastor Andrew concluded our Moses worship series with a sermon entitled, “Don’t Forget”.  And we look forward to how much love, purpose, power and presence will continue to be poured into our church home in the years to come. 

Moses | Wilderness

We continued our “Moses” worship series as Rev. Andrew Payne delved deeper into the spiritual power of our “in between” wilderness times.  

Moses | Ten Commandments

Madison Wentworth provided our Sunday message by discussing God’s delivery of the Ten Commandments to Moses as described in the Book of Exodus (20: 1-17). When we choose to be led by God, we are making the choice to act on His behalf and be a part of His kingdom of priests – actively showing […]

Moses | The Exodus