July 2018

Moses | I Am Who I Am

For the second week of our “Moses” worship series, Pastor Andrew provided historical and spiritual perspective on the story of Moses and the Burning Bush and introduced many to the strength and determination of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune who founded a school with only $1.50 and grew it into a four-year college that bears her […]

June 2018

Moses | The Birth of Moses

In the first installment of our “Moses” worship series, Pastor Andrew reflected on the days of Moses’ birth and three small acts of compassion that shifted a dark story to one of bright light and hope for all mankind.

VBS | Father God

  After a special presentation reviewing the past week’s “VBS | Shipwrecked: Rescued by Jesus” activities, Pastor Andrew challenged us to ask ourselves what kind of a father God actually is — one that gave his only begotten son so that we may have life.                      […]

U.M. ARMY | Is it God or Not?

This past Sunday, we were blessed by the testimony of Madison Wentworth and Devyn Walsh upon their team’s return from the U.M. ARMY mission trip in Athens, Texas last week. Servant hearts are alive and thriving with the Youth of Lakeside UMC.  We then transitioned to a message from Pastor Andrew entitled, “Is it God […]

Everyday Saints | Valerie Wood

We were honored to have Valerie Wood close-out our “Everyday Saints” worship series this past Sunday as she discussed the importance of her faith within her family and as a nurse in the largest neonatal unit in the region. And, yeah lady, we’re blessed that she’s “still with us”!             […]

May 2018

Everyday Saints | Kevin Miller

We were excited to feature none other than Mr. Kevin Miller for the 5th installment of our “Everyday Saints” worship series this past Sunday. He’s been a stalwart of our church for many years and contributes tirelessly with our Fire & Iron Cooking Team, volunteering with our Lakeside UMC Youth group, as well as “leading” our Friday Morning […]

Everyday Saints | Youth

This past Sunday we recognized the thirteen graduating high school seniors that have been a part of our Refuel Youth Group. To say this collection of young adults gives us hope for our future would, quite frankly, be an understatement. We are so blessed to have them among us and we pray for their continued […]

Everyday Saints | Megan Waldrop

This past Sunday, Megan Waldrop was the featured guest in our ongoing “Everyday Saints” worship series. She was asked to speak with us because the vocation of motherhood (whether you have a job outside of the home or within it) is so critical.Yet – by the virtue of its very nature – it often makes it hard […]

Everyday Saints | Andrea Low

One of Lakeside UMC’s founding members and current Finance Chair, Andrea Low, joined Rev. Andrew Payne for our second installment of the Everyday Saints worship series to discuss how she manages the balance of her career, her family, and her faith.  

April 2018

Everyday Saints | Chris Brown

Pastor Andrew began our new Everyday Saints worship series by visiting with longtime Lakeside member, Lieutenant Chris Brown of the Deer Park Police Department.