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Genesis is one of the most important and controversial books of the Bible. Containing within its pages Ancient Israel's account of the creation of the world and all life, as well as the foundational stories of the patriarchs of the Hebrew people, Genesis sets the stage on which the rest of the Bible unfolds.

Perhaps no Biblical book has been as controversial either. Used as an example of how unscientific and absurd Christian faith is, many people have rejected the book as a "collection of old Iron age myths." Others have defended the book as an absolutely accurate historical account of how the world was created and humanity was formed. Many people have simply not known what to do with the book, wanting to affirm both their commitment to faith and a version of history informed by scientific discovery.

Our study will look at Genesis through a variety of lenses to help you understand the text in a new light. Each week we will look at what ecology, history, anthropology, and more can tell us to understand the theology and meaning of the book. Genesis is an incredible book that teaches us a great deal about God and what it means to be human.

Week One September 29th Reading Genesis

Week Two October 13th Biblical Account of Creation

Week Three October 27th Primeval Accounts

Week Four November 10th Abraham and Sarah

Week Five November 17th Isaac and Rebecca

Week Six December 1st Jacob and Rachel

Week Seven December 15th Joseph