Who We Are.

Lakeside has been part of our community for many years. We were among the first churches begun locally over a decade ago. We took as our foundation the story of when Jesus feeds over 5,000 people with only a little food that his few followers had brought with them. Like that story, we began small and have seen God do miraculous things. Lakeside started as a gathering among a few friends in a front room in Summerwood, later moved to a nearby school, eventually built a building, and has now become the spiritual home for hundreds of people. God has blessed us every step of the way, and we feel his blessing still at work in our unfolding future.
At Lakeside, you won’t find a lot of pretensions. Worship is not a light and smoke show. Nearly everyone you see on Sundays at Lakeside is a volunteer and lives in our community. It’s a simple church with a simple focus on bringing people like you together by welcoming them home to grow in faith and serve Jesus Christ.

What We Do. 

We know many are seeking to know God more and have a deeper relationship with Him. You might be wondering how you can do this at Lakeside. It is our mission to help you become who God is calling you to be. At Lakeside, we desire to equip you for your life with God through a three-pronged strategy of judgment-free, come-as-you-are WELCOMING, life-transforming GROWTH in God, and together making an impact in our community and world through SERVICE.


(Really, we mean it.)
All are welcome at Lakeside–this means everyone, regardless of age, race, marital status, sexual orientation, financial status, or political views. You are welcome if you have already given your life to Christ or if you haven’t. We welcome hearts full of faith and heads full of questions. We welcome ALL who are hungry for the deepest life found in surrender and service to God.


Following Christ can be hard! We believe in the power of good friends helping one another live into the life God would have them live. At Lakeside, we strengthen our families, seeking to grow the faith of our youngest babies to our oldest members. We have classes and Grow Groups for all ages. If you are looking for a supportive community to help you grow in your faith, Lakeside is the place.


We believe that faith in Christ means serving our community. Lakeside strives to make a difference by helping those in need. We are heavily involved in mentoring youth, supporting kids in the local foster system, ongoing hurricane recovery efforts, and partnering with local organizations on many other fronts. Christ came to change lives, and we want to be part of what He is doing.

Community News and Events


Our response is being updated and evaluated continually. This page will change as the situation evolves.  Updated 3/13/2020 7:30 PM

Dear Lakeside,
We want to update you on what’s happening at our church in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Like you, we’ve been following the news with great concern. Due to a desire to slow the spread of the virus, Lakeside will be moving to online worship only (we will not be meeting at the church) until Humble ISD students return to school (we will reassess what we think is best then). We will also not be holding or hosting any events or groups at Lakeside in the week until we resume worship. 


Sunday, March 15th, 2020 Worship



Lakeside United Methodist Church is a community of Christ-followers seeking to make disciples and glorify God for the transformation of the world as we WELCOME all neighbors home to GROW in faith and SERVE Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Lakeside. Welcome Home.

Our Facebook Stream on our Facebook Page. Worship begins at 10:30.


Wilderness Series

We all enter difficult periods of our lives. These wilderness experiences take us out of our normal existence and force us to change. How might these experiences be part of our spiritual growth? 


Easter Egg Donations

We are now collecting pre-filled eggs for our egg hunt! We ask each family to supply a minimum of one dozen filled eggs. They can be turned into the labeled basket outside of Sara Walsh’s office. Our egg hunt is on Palm Sunday, April 5th at 12:00PM.